Sunday, February 3, 2013


"Stop being dramatic and eat your pomegranate" he said calmly.

I have been rather dramatic, haven't I? I gave up a life, moved continents, lost a huge amount of money. Still unemployed, still fighting off marriage proposals and still haven't acquired the ability to wake up before Appa splashes water on my face every morning. And yet, what do I complain about? Boys. Not the lack there of, but the there of.  Quietly, swiftly and deftly falling in and out of love. Like a ninja. (Ninjas are allowed to love, no?)

"You have boy stuff to talk about? Again? Somethings never change."

That's a little comforting, actually.


Their relationship was like bleached facial hair, clear bra straps, or Donald Trump's combover - nobody was buying it.

Friday, August 3, 2012


With time, her trips back home became shorter. Just like her hair, her clothes and her temper.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


There lay the book, almost pristine, like it had never been read. Even though it had, and more than once too. "Like new" was the phrase someone would use. The only sign that the book had been touched was the faint imprint of writing on the cover. Impressions left behind when someone had used the book to back the piece of paper they were writing on. Visible only when the light hit it... just so. Upon closer inspection, you could see that it was a list.


was all it said. In the clear, precise handwriting of someone who, as a child, had been told to "write neatly, legibly, and beautifully" and had never grown out of it even as an adult. This book had not only belonged to someone, it had been part of their life. Even if for the few fleeting moments one needed to pen down a bare bones grocery list. Milk. Bread. Eggs. Cheese.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

21. (And now! For something from the archives)

By which I mean "here is something I found written on a piece of paper as I was cleaning my room".


Today has been one of those days. Days that make me happy just because. Just

Ok, so there are those hundred people loved my cookies, the reaffirmation that I'm more than just a student, the fabulous weather and the fact that I now have a free evening to turn up the radio and lounge in a giant chair by the window - yes, they do contribute to this feeling of content. But still. Happy. And. I'm looking at an evening of cold beverages and warm special dinner.

Used to be, that days like these, rare that they were, made me long for someone (or some manys) to share them with. To complete them, in a way. And that took a little bit away from the joys. But not today. Even after I sent someone a text telling them I wished they were here. Especially after that.

Tonight is for me. For me to realize that sometimes, another person is simply another constraint. What if the other person had had a bad day? Wanted to watch a movie instead of listen to IR and ARR? Not care for fresh, handmade pasta? Any and all of those things would take something away from this feeling of peace. Tonight is for me to cherish my solace.

Tonight is for me to acknowledge that I am a selfish and anti social weirdo.  (also known as normal, like everyone else)